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Syrup Bottle Bird

There is something very engaging and fun about doing this found-object assembly sculpture. Even though I have a nasty headcold, as soon as my daughter was asleep I pulled out the junk box again and stayed up four hours later making this bird. It's quite a bit of work, too. I need better tools; making holes in tin with a steak knife isn't the easiest.

I was thinking of a peacock when I put this bird together, but something about him suggests a secreatry bird as well to me. He is made out of a plastic syrup bottle, plastic milk jug handle, computer parts from inside an electronic alphabet desk toy, a coat hanger, various wires and elastic, plastic rings that held juice jugs together, a plastic pudding cup, a tuna can, four wooden pencils, thumbtacks, tape and a broken pair of safety scissors. Oh, and some elmer's glue and tiny screws in his gullet to balance the weight of that tail.

Still in progress; which is why I show most of these shots in black and white. As soon as I can purchase some spraypaint I'm going to make him all black except for the tail, then put a layer of irridescent blue and green cellophane over the tail and parts of the neck.

He stands about 12" tall at the crest of his head, and 13 or 14" at the tail (I can't find my ruler).

Check back here later to see the finished look!

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