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willow tree

This is the first ever artwork I created with the original intention of making it a vector piece. I saw willow trees aside the road and thought: how would that look if I built it in layers of leaves over each other...? So I sketched it out, and did so. The end result has lots of leaves.
But they are arranged in several layers, so it is easy to show only one,

or four of the foliage layers in infinite variety (well, not infinite. I counted twenty-seven possible portrayals of this image.) I'm pleased with how it turned out. I wasn't actually planning on it being so complex, just sketched the trunk, the branches, a reasonable amount of twigs (or so I thought) and then the long, trailing stems off each twig. There were far more than I had anticipated, but I filled most of them with green. Just to see how it would come out.

original sketch:

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