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stitching project

Here's something different, which has been taking up most of my free time lately, especially those rare hours when there's no kids around. Because it's really hard to work on a surprise for the kids, without them seeing it! I just finished this first one: first a quick sketch of a cat, cut it out of paper
this purple cloth is from a pair of hand-me-down pants my four-year-old has split the seams on too many times. That made the background (which ends up looking like an outline). The pattern cloth I found as a remnant at the fabric store, it inspired this whole thing.
So I cut the cat shape with a very generous margin out of the patterned fabric. Folded the edges under (which would have been easier if I'd ironed them in first but that would have got more attention from kids curious what I'm doing as I rarely iron anything, haha) and pinned onto the purple cloth, stretched it on an embriodery frame. Sewed the edges (by hand) with a running stitch. Took it off the frame, cut wide margin around the shape of the purple cloth, handsewed another running stitch on that. This was the hardest part, as it wasn't stretched. Then put the shirt in the embroidery hoop, pinned the whole thing onto that, sewed another edge and added a few details. Wow, my fingers hurt.
I wanted to make it without any knots on the backside, so secured threads by running them under other stitches. Only one spot where a nasty tangle happened, I had to cut and tie a knot. Not sure how well it will hold up for wearing and washing, but she'll outgrow it in a year anyways...
I didn't think to take a lot of pictures in-process, but here it is (hey my kids don't read my blog so it won't give anything away):
I'm starting another one now, but skipping a step and just going with a shape directly on the shirt. It's a little more intricate with the ins-and-outs of lettering, but hopefully won't be that much more difficult.

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