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Deer Colors

Revisions. Think I'm satisfied now.


Deer in the trees

Pastel on canson paper. I was pleased with this until I looked at it next to everything else I've done. I think the background is too busy; tomorrow I'll probably put it back on the easel, wipe out the trees and go with a more subtle background. More bold statement of shape like appeared in the first stage:

Done from this sketch today:


Prezwalski Mare & Foal

Pastel painting of a Przewalski (Mongolian wild horse) mare and foal. Done from this sketch.


Yellow Dog

One more pastel work today... my hands are about dried up.
Painted from this sketch.

City Cat

Painted in pastels the stalking kitty. It was viewed in a film about geckos and street cats in a Japanese city; the half-bobbed tail is probably a variety or cross w/ the japanese bobtail cat.

The original sketch

Tommy Leap

More revisions. I think it's nearly done.


I worked yesterday's sketch into a painting. Pastels on wallis sandpaper. The tooth grips the pigment so well, it turns out creamy textured. It was delightful to work with. No more strathmore or canson for me!


Impala Leap

This is my favorite of the sketches done from tv nature programs the other day. Lively, vibrant and full of information that just flew onto the paper. I want to paint like this- bold, loose and vividly... it would be a total change in style & direction, but maybe that's what I need to get started again.


I sat down again yesterday with my sketchbook and the television. These sketches are from a nature program on foxes living in an urban dump.


City Cat

Cat trotting through a city street, sketched from the TV. Ballpoint pen on paper.


Sketch of a yellow lab, black rollerball pen on paper.


Asher Again

This is the first drawing I have done in a long time; two sketches of my cat resting on the bed. Not the best photo; I'll repost if I can shoot a better one tomorrow. Ballpoint pen on paper.


Hello Again

Turtles sketch graphite pencil on paper

Well it has been a long time. Between the kennel job (gone now) and a busy three-year-old, my time spent on art just fizzled for a while there. A while too long. Tonight I spent a good amount of time just looking at art online, going through links and browsing blogs to get some inspiration. Somehow, looking at art makes me feel like creating art again. I promise tomorrow I will draw something. And no longer be as slow to pick up a pencil (thus the two turtles I sketched who knows when months ago). See you again soon!