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more antelope

more little antelope sketches. I think these were female Thompson's gazelle, but the horns are missing- usually the females have thinner, short horns like this one.



I have slacked off on drawing again. Just too busy with the baby and gardening. But I like having something up here, so I'll keep on posting old sketches until something new is produced. Here then, is a group of gazelle, and a study of impala heads (most of the interest being the twisty horns).



one of my attempts to draw a crocodile (or is it an alligator?)


lessons three: tropical birds

from the art book. Again, there was a picture to follow, with step-by-step instructions on how to draw the first bird, then encouragement to follow similar steps in creating the rest. We both arranged our birds differently than in the example. Isabel further asked if she could add stuff to her picture after I scanned it into the computer; she duplicated a few of the leaves. I think it was a nice result!


young male lions

at about the teenage stage
just beginning to grow their manes
this one annoyed by a younger cub


lesson two: lion

From the art book I'm doing lessons out of with my daughter. We drew from a picture of a lion embroidery, following step-by-step instructions.
part of the lesson was about finding ways to fix things when you're unhappy with your drawing. The suggestions were to repeat the mistake into a pattern that obscures it, transform that part of the drawing into something else, or trace on a new paper the parts you like, discarding the parts you don't. With this lion, my daughter made the chin too big so I suggested she fix it somehow and she made it his tongue sticking out.


lesson one: bird

As part of a christmas gift I promised my older daughter I would do a series of drawing lessons for her found in this book Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks. We completed the first lessons a few days ago, and I thought I'd show our progress. Following the directions I find that my style reverts to its simplicity. In this case, we followed step-by-step instructions to draw a bird: make a dot with a small circle around it for the eye, draw a line near it for the middle of the beak, make an angle line going back from the beak to the first line, draw a curve around the top for the head, etc. It's all about putting different shapes on the paper in a certain size, order and relationship to make a recognizable picture. Here's our results, mine and kiddo's:


baby 5

My first current drawing in a while. The baby is so mobile now it's hard to sketch her except when she's sleeping. So I tried to do a drawing off one of my favorite photographs of her. The first attempt in blue ink was pretty awkward, when I showed it to my seven-year-old she grimaced and said "I don't want to say what I think!" I went over it again in black ink trying to fix some areas and here's the result.

Hopefully I can do better next time!


cheetah face

and here's a cheetah head forward-facing, looks much better, doesn't it?


cheetah heads

Two of the most awkward cheetah heads I've ever drawn- because they were unusual viewpoints and gestures. The first was a snarling cheetah that had its mouth drawn wide baring all the teeth- the grimace looks too large for the head. The second sketch was from a film where the cheetah had climbed on top of a car and was being filmed from below (through the opening in the roof). I wanted to try sketching it at that very different angle- looking up from below.



young leopard

Leopard cub, I think it was six months old in the film? I don't usually concentrate long enough to draw all the spots and you can see this time I lost interest in rendering all that detail when I got to the rear legs. My husband doesn't like this drawing, he thinks the face looks strange. It is a little akward- the nose skewed, the eyes not quite looking in the same direction. But I still think he's a cute little leopard, regardless.



small african wildcat named the caracal, front and back. Russet brown with dark ear tips and golden eyes. The face reminds me of an abbyssinian cat.



some kind of bird that walks across the tops of lily pads

I have not been drawing lately, plus the baby has been sick so that's why no posts for a while. These are all drawings I did back in 2010 but didn't post then. Will notify when they become current.