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White on White

A very challenging painting, of all (or mostly) white objects on a white cloth. I was rather pleased with the outcome. 16 x 20" oil on canvas.



The okapi is an elusive, rarely seen animal in the wild whose existence wasn't even known of by by Eurpoeans until 1901. Its closest living relative is the giraffe, even though it may look more like a zebra with those stripes. The structure of their skulls is remarkably similar. They are really fascinating animals. This is a watercolor illustration I did for class a few years ago.


Horse Spots

I haven't drawn a thing since we moved, and it has been several weeks now. So today when my daughter tugged my hand: "let's go draw!" I was glad to oblige. She found a pencil and paper for me. It already had some of her marks on it. This came out as I lay on the floor idly sketching on the paper. Not the best horse I've ever drawn out of my head, but certainly something after weeks of stagnation.


Brass Teapot

Oil still life painting of a brass teapot, on canvasboard 12 x 16"


Persian Portrait

Portrait of a persian cat, in graphite pencil on bristol, about 8 x 10".

My computer is down, and I doubt it will get fixed before we go on holiday in a week. So I am sorry to say there will be only a few posts here intermittently until we get it up again. Please check back in two or three weeks, I will be returning! And happy holidays to everyone.


Copper Kettle

The Copper Kettle, oil on canvasboard 16 x 20".


After Gericault

A study I did in soft pastels on cotton rag paper, reproducing the look of oil paints in this portrait by Gericault. 20 x 25" For some reason the image I found online is reversed. I don't know if the print I used for a source in an art book was reversed, or this one is...


In One Ear...

I am still settling in from a recent move and haven't started painting again yet, so for a while I will be posting previously-created artwork.

This is an illustration for a magazine article about a man who had hearing loss and was an inattentive listener, so he was constantly mixing up words he heard and getting into some amusing situations. It is acrylic on illustration board, with text printed on clear acetate glazed on. I call it In One Ear and Out the Other.


Girlface Kitty

Pen and ink from my sketchbook.