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Watercolor crayons on illustration board textured with gesso. 18 x 24"


Pit Bull

Portrait of an american pit bull I drew for a customer. Graphite on bristol board, 8 x 10". Now that I look at it fresh eyes after several months, I regret how I cropped the dog's elbows. His posture with head between his paws was so endearing.


Reubens Portrait

A study I did in school of a self-portrait of Peter Paul Reubens. The original was in oil, I reproduced it on cotton rag paper with soft pastel in many layers. My intent was to learn more about the amazing variety of color in the skin in his painting. The camera failed to capture all the subtle green and blue hues in this face. 20 x 30"



Caricature pastel and charcoal drawing of a model dressed up like a cowhand. On canson paper, 18 x 24".


Spori Building

This pen and ink montage illustration represents my years at junior college, where I began my formal art training. At Ricks College (in Rexburg, Idaho) the Jacob Spori building was the art department, where I spent most of my time. The other objects and animals in this picture are symbolic of the instructors I studied under who had the most influence on me.

The Spori building was the oldest building on campus, built with stone from a local quarry in 1890. This picture has a particular nostalgia for me because the year after I graduated, the building was torn down for rebuilding. It caught fire and burned down during deomlition. The new building has a similar character to the old Spori building, but it will never be the same for me.