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baby tiger

A few days ago I sketched this little tiger cub from the Zooborns site here. I think he's a real cutie, even though the eyes are floating opposite ways and his face is not quite long enough. I'm always over-critical of my own drawings but didn't notice until I was a significant way into being finished that I'd committed a serious error here. I drew the hind legs as I saw them, distorted by the camera's single eye. One of my founding art instructors always said "you are smarter than a photograph!" and "draw what you know, not what you think you see" but I forgot, this time. Oops.

He's still a cute tiger, though.


rhino mom

sketched from a calendar photo



I finally did a drawing! Of this dairy cow. My favorite tv program lately is The Incredible Dr. Poll- about a veterinarian who does both small and large-animal practice. This cow posed so nicely I sketched her. Used a  felt marker pen with a very fine micro point this time. It handles quite differently from the ballpoints I've been mostly sketching with; brought back some very distinctive memories of sketching with micron pens in art school workshops so many years ago...

Yeah, she has some issues- the back is too long for one. But I like her, and hey, I haven't forgotten how to draw in the past two months!



from that day when I drew sea turtles as infants, here are the sketches of adults:
close up of the head: