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lion carving

I sketched this little carved lion stautette off someone's blog photo but now can't recall whose it was. Do you recognize it? Let me know and I'll give you credit for the original image!


shadow face

another animal figure I saw in the nap of a rug rubbed the wrong way



sketch of my kitty looking out the window- I redrew her face over itself- the nose was too long


goat shapes

sometimes I see shapes of figures in random shadows like people see pictures in the clouds. These goats I saw one day in the rumples of a carpet where the weave had been rubbed the opposite direction by feet.



There is a turtle in a large tank at the local nature center; often when we go there I try to draw him. He's always swimming back and forth so it's rather difficult; plus I don't have much practice drawing turtles. Here is one attempt.