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sinuous sea lions

sea lions, ballpoint pen


zebra stomping

or at least, trying to stomp upon a fleeing cheetah cub. Sketched from more "Great Migrations".



I've been sketching a lot from the nature phenomenon that's currently airing on TV, "Great Migrations". Lots of Wildebeest, so here's a few. (My daughter calls them "wilderbeast" which I think is funny).

jumping into the river to cross
calf following an adult
another calf



Sketched some kangaroos off a tv documentary the other day. Six-year-old daughter joined me. Here's some of our results. Pilot easytouch pen; daughter used pencil and crayon.
male rearing up on his tail and tiptoes
mama kangaroo with older joey at heel and smaller one in pouch


young male lion

striding across the plain. Sketched with a pilot easytouch pen.


thompson's gazelle

rollerball pen, quick sketch of the face and pose


wildebeest gallop

pen and ink, from nature show


wild buffalo

I don't know what it is that intrigues me so much about buffalo faces. The huge, floppy ears give them kind of a clownish look combined with the challenging stare and fierce horns. Plus they're so huge! Sketched from a nature program, a few days ago. Ballpoint pen.


Black Stallion continued

More drawings! I thought it would be fun to show some where I had drawn nearly the same pose both times I sketched from the film. The first drawing in each pair is from eight years ago, in pencil; the second from two days ago, in pen.

matching poses
then and now: head shake
then and now: walking away
then and now: trotting

then and now: head low

the Black Stallion

Disney's Black Stallion movie has always been one of my favorite films. You can tell how much because not only have I watched it many times, but also drawn and sketched from it! Most recently, I got it to show my daughter and we both did some drawing a few days ago.

Here are some of my drawings from that recent viewing:

this one was the most fun and challenging to draw; horse rolling on his back in the sand
and my daughter's (she's five):
What's fun is that I went through old sketchbooks and folders and found drawings from two others times I watched this movie; some from when I was thirteen, others from just eight years ago (college).  I like looking back to see how my drawing skills and style have changed.

Here are a few drawings from when I was thirteen:
 and some from eight years ago:
note: the previous year's drawings were done in pencil; the ones I did recently with two different pens


fennec fox

Some more sketches from the Museum of Natural History.
A fennec, that little desert fox with huge ears


and for all the world like he's laughing:



a ringtail cat, from the Museum of Natural History again:



from the museum of natural history


More sketches from the Museum of Natural History.
Barbary sheep viewed from the side:
and from below: