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zebra stomping

or at least, trying to stomp upon a fleeing cheetah cub. Sketched from more "Great Migrations".



I've been sketching a lot from the nature phenomenon that's currently airing on TV, "Great Migrations". Lots of Wildebeest, so here's a few. (My daughter calls them "wilderbeast" which I think is funny).

jumping into the river to cross
calf following an adult
another calf



Sketched some kangaroos off a tv documentary the other day. Six-year-old daughter joined me. Here's some of our results. Pilot easytouch pen; daughter used pencil and crayon.
male rearing up on his tail and tiptoes
mama kangaroo with older joey at heel and smaller one in pouch


young male lion

striding across the plain. Sketched with a pilot easytouch pen.