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two tabby cats

one with marbled stripes
the other sitting with a bull's-eye pattern on the back


solar energy illustration

I made a flowchart for Solar Saves.
Cleaned up, color and text added:

This drawing replaced the central image, for a commercial version.
They are in use here and here.


black and tan hound

running in an exaggerated pose


Dissatisfied with a few recent illustrations, looked more carefully and made fixes:
The french bulldog's back needed to be straighter
This sea lion smoother line from chest to chin
The fat grumpy rabbit was just hideous- my husband said "what is that creature? a mix between a rabbit and a cat?" he was truly baffled by it, which made me realize how bad it was.

I've been out of practice.


canaan dog

Sketched this dog on Ocean Beach in San Francisco years ago. I always just thought it was a mixed breed. Looking at pictures of something else online the other day I came across a photo of a dog that instantly reminded me of this sketch. Now I think that dog I saw running on the beach was a pariah breed, the Canaan dog.

french bulldog

the original doodle sketch of that grumpy rabbit from yesterday had shorter ears. While I was working on it I kept thinking some of the features made me think of a french bulldog instead.
So today I made one.


goose and goslings

or a duck, I suppose

leaping horse

with a flick of the heel