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Sketched from nature shows, ballpoint pen. A trio of giraffes

Cheetah and cub

More drawings from nature programs on TV, several sketches of cheetah with a very young cub. Ballpoint pen.



on my lap

more cheetah

I didn't draw the spots but focused on the body type



I like drawing foxes. These from photos found online. Ballpoint pen.


with an interesting shape
I never draw enough of the environment, just the animals. So made myself draw this huge old tree that had a very cool shape. You can see the size of it by the lioness sketched in standing underneath (from TV viewing). Uniball mirco pen.

Cat napping

Cats are always easiest to draw when they're sleeping! Ballpoint pen.



sketched while watching Big Cat Diary on TV. Uniball pen.

big turtle

Alligator snapping turtle; the creature is huge
Using a different tool today, a waterproof Uni-ball vision micro pen. I had almost forgotten why these were one of my favorite pens- the ink flows so smoothly, dark and bold. Much more satisfying to draw with than those ballpoints or the pilot easytouch I'd been grabbing.

Nile crocodile


More sketches from the TV, uniball micron pen.

More Lions

Sketched while watching Big Cat Diary on TV. Uniball micron pen.


topi antelope

from nature shows on tv


One of my kid's favorite TV shows is Dirty Jobs. She even likes watching the reruns, so when one came up I'd seen before about a snake farm, I took the opportunity to pause it and draw some big reptiles.
when they run, the young crocs can lift their bodies clear off the ground



Said to myself today: I don't know if I've ever drawn a dinosaur. So I gathered up my kid's plastic figures and drew some. Aside from triceratops, I don't know what any of these creatures are called, but they sure have interesting shapes. Two are prehistoric mammals. Ballpoint pen.


sketched off the TV


Sleeping cat

Cat sleeping on my knee, ballpoint pen.

African bird

Some kind of wading bird, from nature show on TV, ballpoint pen.



from tv viewing
half-grown cubs: