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more pelicans

arctic foxes

the more detailed sketches:

more arctic foxes

Last night I spent about half an hour sketching from a film we borrowed from the library, the Great Polar Bear Adventure. It wasn't a particularly good film. The message was solid- showing how polar bears are influenced by global warming and human encroachment on their habitat, and the voices were okay- not too annoying. But I had just watched an Attenborough documentary and recognized all the polar bear clips that came from that. Which was also okay, except that they kept repeating the same clips throughout the film. Especially of the little fox. I noticed it even before I paused stills to sketch from. Regardless, it was fun to draw.

Quick gesture sketches:
running, and leaping:


bison 5

I wasn't expecting a tv show about alligators to have bison in it, but there were so I sketched 'em.


I'm still not very good at drawing birds, but here's a try at some snowy egrets
and I think this is a bittern or cormorant of some kind?


arctic fox


quick little sketch of a seal on the ice, head raised to look for danger

polar bears

First drawings I've done since january. Sketched some polar bears and other animals last night while watching a nature program.



of some kind