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Black Stallion continued

More drawings! I thought it would be fun to show some where I had drawn nearly the same pose both times I sketched from the film. The first drawing in each pair is from eight years ago, in pencil; the second from two days ago, in pen.

matching poses
then and now: head shake
then and now: walking away
then and now: trotting

then and now: head low

the Black Stallion

Disney's Black Stallion movie has always been one of my favorite films. You can tell how much because not only have I watched it many times, but also drawn and sketched from it! Most recently, I got it to show my daughter and we both did some drawing a few days ago.

Here are some of my drawings from that recent viewing:

this one was the most fun and challenging to draw; horse rolling on his back in the sand
and my daughter's (she's five):
What's fun is that I went through old sketchbooks and folders and found drawings from two others times I watched this movie; some from when I was thirteen, others from just eight years ago (college).  I like looking back to see how my drawing skills and style have changed.

Here are a few drawings from when I was thirteen:
 and some from eight years ago:
note: the previous year's drawings were done in pencil; the ones I did recently with two different pens


fennec fox

Some more sketches from the Museum of Natural History.
A fennec, that little desert fox with huge ears


and for all the world like he's laughing:



a ringtail cat, from the Museum of Natural History again:



from the museum of natural history


More sketches from the Museum of Natural History.
Barbary sheep viewed from the side:
and from below:



Yesterday I spent two and a half hours at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. My favorite section (besides the bones) is the hall of mammals- with all the taxidermied animals. I started with the bats: