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Rembrandt soft pastels on Arches watercolor paper, 18 x 24" from this sketch I did last night. This painting is SOLD


Lion sketch

Quick, loose sketch of a lion lounging around. Ballpoint pen on paper. From TV viewing.


New pastel painting! 18 x 24", about 2 hours' work from this sketch.


Badger sketch

Drawing from nature shows on TV. Badger in pencil.



Sketches in blue ink of some camels and dromedary, from viewing a film.


Giant Anteater

Today's painting: giant anteater, soft pastels on canson paper. For this one I tried something new; instead of sketching first, I laid out a background tone, paused a film on a shot of the anteater's body (it doesn't even show the head or feet, so I didn't really copy it, just used as reference for the locations of color on the body) and dived into color! It was really fun, quick and I'm happy with the outcome. I ought to do this more often.