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haven't hardly ever drawn one



They were standing in the wind, so the feathers blown down and flat, no fluffy plumes.




I tried to really focus on observing and drawing the shapes and directions of the stripes accurately, this time. Didn't quite work out- there should be a few more on the body just behind the shoulder and more on the neck. So either I made the neck and head too small, or the stripes there too big.


not very good lions, but here they are
the posture is awkward; it looks as if his head is set too far back; the neck (or mane) should be bigger and I just got the legs all wrong...

also my pen was a bit leaky so it left black blotches sometimes where I didn't want them. But still fun to draw!



sketched from watching Be the Creature, hyenas were stealing food form the cheetahs



Beluga, the only whale that can bend its neck!


cheetah lesson

with my daughter again; my sketch:
and hers (she got tired of drawing spots):
She got to see here the advantages/drawbacks of the different media firsthand. She noticed right away when opened her sketchbook that her zebra drawing of the day before had gotten a little smudged and faded (some of the graphite on the stripes rubbed off). On the other hand, she does lots of erasing when trying to get the angles of the legs and proportions right, so that's a plus for pencils. Then she saw what happened to my drawing: a cheetah with a forked tail! ha ha. I sketched the tail too short at first so simply redrew it but there's no erasing ink. I think I've convinced her to stay with pencil for a while; it will be less frustrating.


tommy lesson

Kiddo and I did another little drawing lesson. This one she pretty much finished on her own; I got interrupted by the baby and left her when she'd just drawn the body shape and neck. She added the legs and started shading in values all by herself:
My drawing (quite a bit unfinished compared to hers!)


zebra lesson

My daughter asked me to teach her how to draw. So we sat in front of a nature program, paused it on some zebra, and drew side by side. I really just showed her how to look for shapes and use her pencil to measure angles, that's it. She watched each step I took and drew this all on her own:

I think she did fantastic! (She's seven years old).
My drawing:


little antelope

I think this guy is a Steinbok



rabbit 2

baby 2

more attempts to draw the baby



I think this is the first time I ever drew a wombat; from tv show where they were rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing the animals. They are cute in a way, but don't have much shape so actually hard to draw.
studies of the face and feet



loose, quick gesture



the male looks rather anemic, his waist too skinny but I like his face anyways



Yesterday I did my first drawings ever, since february. Of my five-month baby!
It doesn't really look like her, and there are plenty of proportional errors- the body is too long, the head too small, the arms awkward. Just remember I haven't done any sketching at all for eight months previous, and I never was too good at drawing people, especially babies. I think the last one, although lacking detail, is best in terms of proportions and gesture.