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The okapi is an elusive, rarely seen animal in the wild whose existence wasn't even known of by by Eurpoeans until 1901. Its closest living relative is the giraffe, even though it may look more like a zebra with those stripes. The structure of their skulls is remarkably similar. They are really fascinating animals. This is a watercolor illustration I did for class a few years ago.


Angela said...

Ooohhhhh its lovely!!!

I seen them before in the zoo in Portugal, they are very nice .

Merry Christmas!


Vixie said...

I love this painting so much!

I hope you don't mind, but I used the image in a blog post I wrote about okapis:


Jeane said...

Vixie- I don't mind at all! In fact, I'm flattered. As long as you link back to me- which I see you have. Thanks!!

Melody said...

My daughter would like to use this picture to make personalized stationary for a birthday present for a friend. Would that be okay?
Thank you!

Jeane said...

Melody- yes, that's fine. Thank you for asking.