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Rembrandt soft pastels on Arches watercolor paper, 18 x 24" from this sketch I did last night. This painting is SOLD


AngelaFerreira said...

Oooohhhh its lovely!

kokuryu said...

Great drawings and paintings. Your style is perfect.
Would you mind if I put your link on my portfolio?

Lauren said...

I can't believe I only just found your art blog! I love this watercolour!!

Angela said...

Hey where are you?
Had enough of the blogsphere?

Jeane said...

Hi Angela. No; I just haven't been creating much art lately. I'm over here a lot, writing about the books I read.

cipriano said...

My God.
That lion is gorgeous.
I think of one word...... suave.
He looks as though he is about to order a vodka collins.

Jace said...

Jeane, your works are fantastic! I'm not an arty person, but I can appreciate great works when I see them. :-)