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the Black Stallion

Disney's Black Stallion movie has always been one of my favorite films. You can tell how much because not only have I watched it many times, but also drawn and sketched from it! Most recently, I got it to show my daughter and we both did some drawing a few days ago.

Here are some of my drawings from that recent viewing:

this one was the most fun and challenging to draw; horse rolling on his back in the sand
and my daughter's (she's five):
What's fun is that I went through old sketchbooks and folders and found drawings from two others times I watched this movie; some from when I was thirteen, others from just eight years ago (college).  I like looking back to see how my drawing skills and style have changed.

Here are a few drawings from when I was thirteen:
 and some from eight years ago:
note: the previous year's drawings were done in pencil; the ones I did recently with two different pens

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Meredith O'Grady said...

Love you sharing your current drawings as well as your past drawings. You Hoarder! You still have them!! I think that's great, and also funny :))
Your daughter is so lucky to have you for a mom. I too have (but only a few) drawings my daughter and I both did. She's 24 now.
I LOVE The Black Stallion.
"fire in his eyes, and smoke comin' outta his nose" oooooooooo