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more foxes

Sketched from a photo, blue ink pilot easytouch.
If you want to see the fox colors, have to look at my daughter's drawing!


Julie (ASmAcc) said...

Hi Jeane! I wanted to say thanx for stopping by my blog and OF COURSE you can participate in Listful Mondays! Hoping others will join me is one of the reasons I do it. (And I usually remember to say that at the end of each post, but I was in a hurry on Monday and forgot.)

I had no idea you were an artist! I didn't think anyone but book bloggers ever saw my sight. I don't have time right now (gotta go make dinner) but I'm looking forward to clicking around and seeing your artwork.

Hope you have a great Tuesday Night!

Jeane said...

Thanks! Actually, I'm both a book blogger and an artist. I visited your site via Sueys, It's All About Books. Hope you come again!