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Hi. To anyone out there. This blog has been so neglected, it's pathetic. Good reason: I haven't been drawing. At all. For months. But I want to again. It's hard to re-start, though. A good way I've found to encourage myself to pick up a pen and sketchbook again, is to look at a bunch of stuff I already did and remind myself that I can do it. So I'm going to try, for the next few weeks, to get this up-to-date and post the last handful of drawings I did before everything slid into nothing (arrival of a new baby will shove all your hobbies to the side, I'm afraid).
Today visited my first-grader's classroom where they are raising monarch butterflies. The chrysalises hanging in there like little jewels, I was amazed how beautiful they were. And then tonight thumbing through my most recent sketchbook, found that I'd done a few drawings of monarch caterpillars and butterflies back when Life was showing on TV.
the caterpillar

the emerging butterfly, with crumpled wings
the butterfly
ballpoint pen

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