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tiger tiger

My latest vector illustration is this tiger.
I was telling someone how the vectors are done, so thought it might be interesting to show a bit of the construction process here. The vector program plots lines; basically you use the mouse (I'd rather use a stylus but don't have one yet) to put anchor points anywhere a line changes direction, then you can pull handles off the points to create or alter curves. The thickness and color of the lines, fill color and gradients can all be manipulated however you like; then there's creating and stacking shapes to make the picture. It's kind of a puzzle figuring out how to put it all together to make the final visual effect you want, and I rather enjoy it.

Well, the first step after placing my original drawing as a template (background)
is to draw the basic outline shape:
Next I create the black stripes and markings above it. The white shapes here are all drawn separately, then "cut out" from the more general black outline so this is all one path with holes in it, so to speak.
Then I add colors; the base orange color was the fill of the first outline shape, the whites and pinks were added on top of that. (Except for the nose, which had to sit above the black). The colors lie beneath the black lines, to make the final tiger.
I think this last, colors-only shape is the most fun to look at, next to the finished piece.


Cipriano said...

I find this whole process you are describing here, quite fascinating.
And the tiger itself reminds me of how much I will be first in line to see the movie Life of Pi when it comes out...

Jeane said...

It is fascinating to put into place, as well- often frustrating, too! I'm eager to see the Life of Pi film as well.