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segmented cholla

This was another cactus I found intriguing. I think it's either a Buckhorn or Staghorn Cholla. It grows in segments, that branch rather evenly, and looks pretty brown and dull. You have to look close to see the spines.
The end of the branches bulge out into the fruits and I'm guessing that's where it flowers, too. But I didn't see any flowering so couldn't identify them more specifically.

My sketches of this one are just the general shape and growing habit (of the one in the front yard at the house we visited), it doesn't have a lot of definition- for example, the stems have an interesting texture with even bulges rather like a quilted jacket or old-fashioned upholstery with lots of buttons in it! (except of course these have spines). Search out images with closeup of buckhorn cholla and you'll see what I mean.

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