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I sketched some wildflowers while on a hike in the AZ desert. I was able to identify a few of them using a simple field guide we had.

Mexican goldpoppy- four yellow petals and a bold golden-orange throat.
Scarlet globemallow- a more dusky rose-orange with five petals and a dark stamen.
This white one had petals with squarish, notched ends.
This yellow aster-like flower had blue-green leaves the color of sage.
My favorites were these vivid pink flowers, which I wasn't able to identify. They grew alongside the creekbed. The ones with five round petals were light pink, the more common hot pink flowers had four petals (a detail I only noticed because I focused close to make the sketch accurate).
There was another very similar one, with the thin alternating leaves down on the stem below the flowers, that had four longer, pointy-ended petals on it. It was a bright blue-violet color.

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