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 Have you ever watched a cat trying to catch a red laser light? It is absolutely hilarious. Our Asher was highly disturbed when we first introduced it- because he couldn't hear it or feel it under his paws. He would run away from it abruptly or hiss. Now he realizes it's a game and goes just wild. He spins in circles after it like a dog chasing its tail, or leaps high up the wall. Sometimes he lets out a short sharp meow. When he's had enough he lies down panting and looks away, or hisses at the light.
This sketch caught him crouched in stalk mode. He had just started to wiggle his hindquarters in preparation to pounce. Graphite pencil.


AngelaFerreira said...

Nice sketches... its a coincidence I just posted a pic of my won cat :-)

Jeane Nevarez said...

Thanks. Your kitty is very pretty.

Meredith O'Grady said...

Love them.