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Spori Building

This pen and ink montage illustration represents my years at junior college, where I began my formal art training. At Ricks College (in Rexburg, Idaho) the Jacob Spori building was the art department, where I spent most of my time. The other objects and animals in this picture are symbolic of the instructors I studied under who had the most influence on me.

The Spori building was the oldest building on campus, built with stone from a local quarry in 1890. This picture has a particular nostalgia for me because the year after I graduated, the building was torn down for rebuilding. It caught fire and burned down during deomlition. The new building has a similar character to the old Spori building, but it will never be the same for me.


Stephen said...

That is very cool. I like your art work. This has meaning for me too. I went to school there and took art classes in the same building. I did a speech "Why the Spori building should be saved" in my speech class. Through the research I had done I found it was a strong enough building to withstand the crush-bearing tests. I even met with the then President David Bednar and presented my case why we should keep and restore the Jacob Spori Building when it was still serving its purpose of holding classes for students. I miss the old building. At the time it was the oldest building in Idaho being used for higher education. It is very much a part of our Mormon heritage as all the other historical sights that have been preserved. Thank you for the memory.

Anonymous said...

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