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Reubens Portrait

A study I did in school of a self-portrait of Peter Paul Reubens. The original was in oil, I reproduced it on cotton rag paper with soft pastel in many layers. My intent was to learn more about the amazing variety of color in the skin in his painting. The camera failed to capture all the subtle green and blue hues in this face. 20 x 30"


Angela said...

It's a great painting! Cannot believe is made with soft pastels, its so good!
I really like your pen and ink montage… do you do much drawing? Do you consider your drawings final pieces of art? What makes the difference between a study and a final painting?
I would love to hear your opinion!

Jeane Nevarez said...

Thanks, Angela. I do draw a lot. One of my favorite pastimes is just to sketch- especially animals. Sometimes I do more detailed studies, but I don't usually consider a drawing a final piece of art unless that is my intent, to have it end at a drawing. And i would spend a lot more time on it- thirty to forty hours instead of the mere minutes to maybe an hour I spend on a sketch or study. I put as much time into a study as I need to work out the visual problems and know where I'm going with it.

I haven't done many drawings as fine art since school; I'd rather paint! Pastel is the best of both worlds- it feels like drawing and painting. I suppose that's why I love soft pastels so much.